Dr Adam Bradley


Adam holds a Master of Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences from Southern Cross University.

He has experience in assisting with a variety of musculo-skeletal conditions ranging from tennis elbow, joint injuries, muscle strains, hip and knee conditions and chronic low back pain to name a few.

His approach involves a variety of osteopathic techniques from soft tissue treatments to more direct joint mobilisation and manipulation.

He combines his hands-on treatment with patient education about stretching and strengthening, with the intent of restoring optimal function and reducing the pain experience.

His interest in osteopathy began when he was receiving regular osteopathic treatment to assist with his scoliosis (curvature of the spine).

While being treated with osteopathic manual therapy, his osteopath educated him on small changes in his daily activities which vastly improved his pain experience.

It was these moments of learning about his condition, and the osteopath explaining the techniques and areas being treated that sparked his journey to become an osteopath.

Adam also loves spending his spare time with his two dogs at the beach.

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