Can an Osteopath help with bulging disc and disc pain?

It is the cause of lower back pain that can really stop you in your tracks.

Here I attempt to demystify this problem as its better to “know your enemy” to help you deal with it.

There are numerous phrases to describe this problem, bulge, herniation, prolapse, slip; one thing it is not, is a slip!

Effectively what has taken place is that the “yolk” within the ‘egg” has escaped landing itself in a place it doesn’t belong, outside its encasing!

Here it can cause all sorts of problems, as it is now seen as a foreigner in the body, thus, will result in swelling. The disc  itself and the swelling is now potentially pressing on pain sensitive structures, one being the nerves going down the leg, hence the leg pain you may experience with the back pain.

The whole mechanism now can be quite a painful phenomenon.

Now, there is a myth about getting discs put “back in” or actually seeing a bulge in your back, this in fact incorrect.

Treatment approach is directed toward managing and guiding you through the acute phase, effectively putting out the fire.

Initially we assess for the severity and asses the amount of nerve involvement and discuss options.

Based on this assessment Your Osteopath can then guide you through  the best approach.

Once calming down has achieved, we can then advise from where we go from here. Core rehabilitation is normally part of this with me. Some advice maybe  regarding posture management and the do’s and don’ts of your lifestyle during the acute ,initial phase.

Pain recovery is variable with each person. It generally is not a “quick fix” situation. However, it’s important to know only very few don’t get better, your health professional will guide through this process.

It is important to know that there are few things that require immediate attention if they occur during this process.

If you get any bladder/bowel changes e.g.: loss of control , numbness in your peroneal  area( the part of you that would be in contact with a saddle if you were sitting on a horse), or a sudden increase in your pain, especially in your leg. If any of these symptoms were to occur, you are to contact a GP straight away.

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