Clear Nail Laser treatment for nail fungus (Onychomycosis)

Clear Nail Laser treatment for nail fungus (Onychomycosis)

The first Queensland Radiation approved and licenced laser treatment  clinic for nail fungus. (Toenails and fingernails)

Nail Fungus Treatment

The Fox Clear Nail Laser offers an effective, pain free method of treating patients with nail fungus (Onychomycosis) as an alternative to topical or systematic therapy.

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We offer a treatment package which consists of a complementary tea tree oil foot spray, 1 pair of shoes sanitised with the SteriShoe shoe sanitiser and a 10 nail laser treatment. A photograph will be taken of your nails and a relevant medical history will be obtained at your first visit. A 3 month  follow up appointment will be organised, which will include another photograph to show evidence of clear nail growth and a second laser treatment will be given.

It is necessary for eye protection to be worn during the laser procedure. Goggles will be provided.

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Questions & Answers

Can the Clear Nail Laser be used to treat nail fungus?
Yes, the A.R.C. FOX Diode Clear Nail Laser is an effective treatment of nail fungus infections caused by a variety of yeasts and moulds This fungus subsists on keratin and consequently causes nail fungus.
How does the FOX Clear Nail Laser work?
The FOX Laser uses the 1064nm wavelength (close to infrared light) to easily treat and eradicate nail fungus leading to the increase of clear nails in patients with onychomycosis The laser radiation penetrates the nail plate and the infected nail bed. The laser energy is only absorbed by the pathogens in the nail bed and not in the surrounding tissue. As a result, the increase in temperature will damage the cell wall causing the cells to die and inhibiting further growth.
What preparation is necessary for laser treatment?
All nail polish must be removed. No moisturisers or oils to be used on the day of treatment. Trim and file the nails the day before treatment. It is recommended for the patient to bring freshly washed socks or stockings to wear after the laser treatment.
Is the treatment painful?
Vital for the success of the FOX Clear Nail laser treatment is the warming of the nail bed to approximately 45°C and that the warmth be maintained for at least 40 seconds. Even though the patient will feel a warm tingling sensation, no anesthesia is necessary. By using a moderate pulse energy and a constant motion over the the nail, the desired dosage of laser energy can be uniformly delivered into the nail bed with minimal patient discomfort.
What are the contraindications?
A medical history will be obtained from the clinician. Patients with conditions such as neuropathy and Raynaud`s disease may not be suitable for this treatment. Please discuss any medical conditions or concerns with our clinicians.
How long will the treatment last?
Depending upon the size of the nail, the FOX Clear Nail laser treatment typically takes 1-3 minutes per nail or 15-20 minutes to treat all 10 nails. The laser beam is continuously in motion over the targeted area during treatment.
What will be the predicted cure rate?
Results depend upon minimizing the risk of recurrence with adequate hygiene precautions -disinfection of the shoes, washing of the socks, disinfecting nail clippers, nail scissors and nail files after each use. it is recommended to use tree tea oil foot spray after showering and to spray shoes daily before wearing. The SteriShoe shoe sanitiser can be bought or leased to sanitise shoes after treatment. The SteriShoe destroys up to 99% of all microorganisms in footwear. Talk with one of our clinicians if you are interested in the SteriShoe shoe sanitiser.
Are there any limitations after the laser treatment?
After laser treatment, there will be a warm tingling sensation which will subside within an hour of treatment. Patients can return to normal activities. Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after treatment.


Please note: This service is not provided by an AHPRA registered practitioner.

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